The, ‘What Does the World Need?’ Bath

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SB-blog-039A lot of the baths in, The Book of Sacred Baths’ are about how to improve your life. It helps to have a good foundation and balance ourselves before we can have extra energy to reach out and think about improving things beyond ourselves. But it’s also true that we come from a very egocentric and, ‘Me, me, me’ society.

This is why it’s good to take a sacred bath to focus on what the world needs, so you can do your part in healing it. Think of it like one gigantic puzzle where you have your piece. It’s often related to your gifts and soul’s purpose.

Run your sacred bath, call in your guardian angel or guide and ask, What does the World Need?’ After you listen and download that information, you can ask, ‘What does the world need that I can give today?’ Make note of the answer. Then you can take one baby step to begin to help our planet survive and thrive.

If all sacred bath priestesses (and bath priestsJ do this, we can revive our ailing planet. Mother Earth wants this reciprocal relationship. We cannot expect all our needs to be provided for if we don’t learn to respect our World and begin a two-way conversation. Having a sacred bath is one way to do this.

My Best in Love and Bathing,

Author of, The Book of Sacred Baths, published by Llewellyn Worldwide, available on Amazon.

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