World Water Day

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World Water DayToday is my 45th birthday and the synchronicity is not lost on me that it is World Water Day.  And although I need to leave for work, I could not let the moment go by without honoring this day and this most magnificent element with a blog.

A few years ago I started taking sacred baths as a way to relax, to connect with Spirit, to raise my consciousness, to get guidance and to increase my creativity.  In doing this on a daily basis I improved my life in so many ways and developed my relationship to water as well.

Now I’m writing a book to share this gift with others.  My book, ‘The Book of Sacred Baths’ has 52 baths to revitalize your Spirit, one for each week of the year so most people may not take daily baths like me…but still that’s a lot of water usage.  And as important as I know that these baths are, it did occur to me that we are bathing in water as a Spiritual ritual to elevate consciousness and to connect us so we can’t ignore the fact that so many others don’t have access to water now.

Speaking of water as a means of connection, no matter what your race, religion, political denomination, sex, sexual orientation (and on and on) we are all at least 70 percent water!  We all are born from water and water may be our Primordial Mother too.  It is basic and we all need it to survive and thrive.  Water connects us to our emotions, it mellows us out and attunes us to the flow of nature and the Universe.

And in this connection we can think about how to share all the love we receive, in the form of water.  While it’s true that it’s good to conserve water around your home, there are many roads to Rome.  You can get a Britta water filter and drink tap water instead of bottled water and decrease the amount of meat that you eat.  I learned that it takes an enormous amount of water to produce animal products like meat and dairy, because livestock and poultry in the US eat large amounts of water-intensive feed.  If you eat less meat and poultry you’d save more water than by giving up your baths.  You can also give money to some of the organizations below.  In my book I state that I will give 10% of my royalties from The Book of Sacred Baths each year to with the intention that we all learn to share water as a sacred resource.  So, both my readers and I will be giving water back.

If you want to learn more (and I am no expert on this aspect) here are some

places that are in need of Water:

Places to Donate to Get Water to Those Who Need it:

Movies to Learn about Water:

Thirst, a movie filmed by Imagine Films International, 2012:

Float Nation, a movie.
It Runs on Water, film.
Water: the Great Mystery, film by Intention Media in 2008:

As I turn 45 today I still often feel the glee of a 12 year old on a daily basis but am looking forward to mellowing and growing in the Crone wisdom of connectivity and seeing the whole in things more.  I think Dr. David Hawkins said, ‘Be the water, not the fish.’  Water helps me to do that and to get free of my monkey mind.

So, as I was born into water and I hope it will deliver us.  We can all shape our lives in it and then spread the wealth.  Before I run, here is a video I took with my iphoneon vacation about doing sacred bathing in public spots as well, which won’t ‘use’ up the water.  It also speaks a bit about the metaphysical research around water and how that can elevate your bathing experience.  Enjoy!

Bathing Blessings and Water for All on World Water ay and Always,

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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